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In-store Pay Later

Offer flexible consumer financing options
at your point-of-sale

Grow your sales with flexible in-store financing

As a software platform or marketplace, Boost sales and customer retention by providing your customers with the next generation of flexible financing solutions - In-store Pay Later.

Your customers will have peace of mind and an affordable way to manage their monthly cashflow with our competitive flexible payment options, available within minutes directly from your store.

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Next generation in-store financing experience

We have revolutionized in-store finance by putting today's client's needs at the heart of the process

  • Easy to apply: Offer a great customer experience with our paperless tablet-based mobile app
  • Financing in minutes: Enable secure financing and checkout in under five minutes
  • Flexible rates: Provide varied interest rates according to your client's installment plan needs

Customer retention has never been more accessible

Stand out from your competitors and grow customer loyalty by offering the next generation of financing In-store Pay Later solution.


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