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Industry-Certified Risk & Fraud Solutions

Protect your business.

Paysafe provides merchants with the relevant tools and services to detect and prevent fraud


Improve Data Security


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Gateway Fraud Tools

We offer a variety of  state-of-the-art services and tools to safeguard merchants and businesses against fraud. Our robust and customizable Risk Rules Engine helps ensure that your payments remain safe.

  • Customizable Risk Rules Engine
  • Address Verification System (AVS)
  • CVV and CVV2 matching
  • Positive and negative database checks
  • Geo-IP address verification
  • BIN number validation
  • Transaction velocity monitoring
  • Global device intelligence
  • PCI DSS compliance assistance


Through tokenisation, credit card numbers are replaced with a randomly generated series of numbers and letters called “tokens,” which cannot be used to make fraudulent purchases.

The benefits of tokenisation

  • Reduces the risk of card data breach since in transactions you will submit a token instead of a PAN
  • Reduces the scope of PCI compliance, since you are not using real card numbers
  • Quick to implement, since you don’t need to invest in expensive encryption; store tokens which can easily be replaced in the event of a breach



Paysafe's Payment Platform and solutions are PCI DSS Level I 3.1 compliant. We provide support and guidance to merchants to ensure that their business is compliant. Below are examples of the stringent rules and requirements that we follow.

  • Testing: we perform internal and external vulnerability and penetration tests on a regular basis
  • Policies: we tightly control access to production and non-production environments
  • Partnerships: we hire third party service providers for Denial of Service attack mitigation
  • Support: we employ dedicated operations and security incidence responders

Chargeback Management 

Paysafe's Risk Solutions program supports merchants with their chargebacks. Our automated Smart Dispute system fully automates the chargeback dispute process, making sure deadlines are met and no chargeback goes unresolved. We also provide guidance on chargeback prevention.



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