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Referral Partners Programme

Building revenues one referral at a time.

Maximise your revenues and build a valuable merchant portfolio with our global comprehensive Referral Partners Programme

Paysafe believes in building strong relationships with our partners. As a full service payment solutions provider, we can provide you with all the merchant services your clients are looking for. Through our global network of acquiring banks, we can help your merchants expand to new markets and accept a wider range of payment options. With our own proprietary gateway, we deliver services that simplify payment acceptance. Paysafe also supplies leading-edge fraud and risk management services.

Full-Service Payments Provider

We offer a full range of payment processing services that provide our Referral Partners with a powerful competitive advantage. We have an appetite for a variety of risks and MCC codes. So, whether your merchant base is brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, MOTO or omnichannel, Paysafe is your single source provider for payments.


Flexible Compensation Plans

Choose from a variety of different plans and customise them to maximise your profits.


We offer incentives and proven financial tools

Global Acquiring Network
Our global acquiring network enables us to provide increased authorization rates, aggressive pricing, and help your merchants expand into new markets while accepting a wide range of payment methods.

Custom Branding
Our Independent Contractor (IC) Partners benefit from our proprietary payment gateway and global network of acquiring banks with the added advantage of branding the service with their own banner.  

You get long-term partnership benefits

Dedicated Relationship Manager
We assign all of our partners a single point of contact. Your relationship manager is dedicated to helping you achieve success and grow your business.

Capital Infusion & Portfolio Buyout
Gain working capital to invest into your business. We provide qualified Referral Partners with lucrative financial investments. Portfolio buyout options are also available.

Our Referral Partners have the entire Paysafe team behind them so that they can focus on selling

  • Subagent Payments
  • Welcome calls to merchants
  • Operations
  • Banking Network
  • Same day account approval
  • Comprehensive sales training
  • Integration Specialists
  • Risk Managers

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