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Plug into Paysafe to grow
your platform business

Payments are complicated but essential for your platform business to grow. Our platform solution, Turnkey, lets you focus on your core business, while we support you in driving value and revenue.


Plug into Paysafe for peace of mind

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your growth

Onboarding Regulatory and
compliance rules

Customisable International

Underwriting Onboarding
and verification

Underwriting Payout

Onboarding Platform

Plug into Paysafe for seamless onboarding

Leave payments infrastructure to us

Regardless of your business model, Turnkey makes it easy for you to quickly onboard users and enable them to start collecting payments immediately – all within a fully customizable and branded experience. We provide you with the tools needed to gather required information from your users to quickly and efficiently set up their accounts. Don’t worry about underwriting and KYC screenings, we take care of it all.

Onboarding Quick and easy merchant onboarding

Customisable Customisable and branded experience

Underwriting Underwriting and KYC screenings

Plug into Paysafe for speed to market

We prioritize onboarding speed for your competitive edge

We understand that real-time onboarding is important for you to be competitive. Our branded hosted onboarding page is a simple solution for platforms that need to get started straight away without a direct integration.

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Plug into Paysafe for effortless payouts

Set up flows and payouts relevant to your platform and business model

Enable individual users to set up their own merchant accounts and have the funds flow through them

  • Consumer pays the merchant
  • Transaction is initiated by the merchant, your user, through your platform
  • Service fee is split and paid to your platform
  • Transaction is completed and funds are settled into the merchant’s account

Collect payment and route payouts to multiple users

  • Customer pays through your marketplace platform
  • Transaction is completed and funds are settled to each account based on the directions provided by you

Leverage our seamless suite of APIs to make the payouts work for you:

Generate revenue by collecting a specified amount or percentage-based service fee per transaction

Split payouts and refunds for credit card transactions, debit card transactions and direct debit bank transfers. Available in Canada.

Allow for an unlimited number of splits, providing your marketplace and consumers with additional flexibility

Remove any chargeback and fraud risk from your software platform by enabling your user to be the processing merchant of record

Plug into Paysafe to scale your business

Expand your footprint and go international

We support you through the regulatory environment and compliance that come with expansion into new regions. Our cross-border capabilities also offer automated currency conversions at competitive exchange rates.

Onboarding You can accept payments in over 150 countries

Customisable and 100

Plug into Paysafe for dedicated support

Rely on a true partnership with dedicated support

We are experts in payments, that’s why we provide you with dedicated, consultative support to help you through setting up and operating your payments program. As your partner, we take your success seriously. We provide clear channels of communication for assistance with integration, marketing and international growth.

Learn more about our Integrated Partnership Program

Plug into Paysafe for flexibility

Whatever your business model, size or sector, we
make our solutions work for your platform

Membership & Registration Platforms

  • Quickly onboard gyms, organizations and associations onto your platform
  • Collect additional revenue by splitting out a service fee
  • Allow users to take secure one-time bookings or recurring payments for ongoing members
  • Expand globally and accept over 100 different currencies and payment methods
  • Mindbody
  • Woodify
  • Amilia
  • Zenplanner

Business Software Platforms

  • White-label your payment solution to create a value-added service
  • Collect revenue by charging a transaction-based service fee
  • Expand your business globally with access to multiple regions and currencies
  • Allow your users to run their business on the go with our mPOS capabilities
  • Cover your user's processing costs
  • RentMoola
  • ServiceMax

Donor Management & Fundraising Platforms

  • Build an optimized experience for fundraisers to quickly start collecting donations
  • Make secure and frictionless payments the focal point for your users
  • Allow organizations to expand their fundraising potential through a large global reach
  • SofterWare
  • KindLink
  • Raisin
  • engaging networks

Marketplace Platforms

  • Split payouts among multiple sellers
  • Increase supply by optimizing your onboarding for sellers and service providers
  • Manage fraud and chargebacks with our risk solutions
  • Golo

Get more, to do more

Fraud Fraud Management Tools

Benefit from the extensive fraud detection tools and risk rules that are embedded in Paysafe's processing platform

Secured Secured Checkout

Create secure and optimized checkout flows using our Paysafe.JS or Paysafe Checkout products


Allow your users to take payments on the go through a mobile app

Balance Balance Transfers

Enjoy the flexibility to transfer money between your platform and your linked merchant accounts, enabling your platform to collect agreed upon fees or run special promotions

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